Let’s Go Back

Good afternoon,

It is very hard for me to get out and complete daily activities. Since my incident in 1997, I am afraid of people, being around people in large groups and open areas. What does this mean? The majority of the things I do are from my bedroom. I shop for my clothing and hair products on line. My beloved books (all 800) are on my Samsung Galaxy Nook Tab. The only things I can do right now without much anxiety is go to my doctor’s and therapist appointments.

February 22,1997

I had been separated from my astranged husband for 4 months due to his extensive drug use. I had decided to take my 3 children and move back home with my family. On this day, I decided to take my 5 year old son to get his hair cut. I can still smell the coming rain. We had stopped at the local Wal Mart. Upon coming out and returning to the car, I noticed how crowded the parking lot was. I made it to my car and waited for my son to get in. He just looked at me and smiled. I told him to get in and when he didn’t, I said,”O.k., mommy’s gonna leave you!” I opened the drivers door, got in and looked to my right to tell my son to stop playing , when the door opened, my son was thrown in on top of me and there was a gun pointed in my face with my husband getting in. My son started crying because he knew he had made a mistake. I calmly told him to get in the back and buckle up. It was like a television show! I looked around for help and my eyes met a woman who was parked directly in front of me. As she turned away my heart sank and panic set in.

Stay tuned..

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