It’s Not Just Another Day

Everyday means something to me. Reminding me of the past. Reminding me that at some point, I will have to deal with what’s causing PTSD triggers and flashbacks. Yesterday was a cool day for Florida. I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of home in Georgia when Fall was setting in. It also reminded me of the assault.

As I was saying, after he shoved my son in the car, I was too shocked to drive, so he did. He took us on the ride of our lives. You know how people say that thinks happen in minutes, but it feels like hours? That is true. When he finally got to where he was taking me, I told my son everything would be alright. I listened for sounds of life because we were off of a back road leading to the main highway (I-95). To make a long story short, he put our son in the trunk while he sexually assaulted me. He then took him out and told him he wasn’t supposed to be there because I was going to die. He then put his old service revolver (from the army) to my head and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened, thank God. When he took the gun down, he showed me where he had placed 2 bullets in the chambers. All of this was done in front of our son…

Stay tuned

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