I’m getting there!

I believe most women, children, and yes men never believed they would have suffered a domestic or traumatic event. When they did, shame, hopelessness, and regret set in.

For years, I went through the “why me’s?” When I finally realized the perpetrator was never going to tell me and my therapist did not have the answer, I began to heal in that area. I came to realize I didn’t have to know why. I needed to know what I was going to do about it and when would I start.

I’m a person who is very concerned about the well-being of every living thing, so that made me interested in finding out about every tool available to me healing myself. Whether I sat in a doctors or therapist office, I knew when I left there, it was ultimately up to me to put into action what I had learned. I also learned to not stop there. I searched the internet, looked for local support systems in my community and abroad. Have I completed my journey? No. I still have much more traveling to go. As I tackle 1 part of my PTSD, I find it connects to other issues.

Until next time,

May God give you the strength and knowledge you need to continue your journey.

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