Note from someone else to myself

I never wanted to hear someone else say to me what I say to them. But for some reason, now it seems to sink in as I take this journey of healing. There is so much work for me to do, but I am proud of myself as I continue with my therapist, complete the bi-weekly homework and report to him if anything new pops up.

Well, anywho, I try and write daily, but my hands hurt badly so, bare with me. Back to note to me. The one below takes me to a time when I felt like that was all I could do or better yet save them because they need me. When all along, these same people cared less about my emotional well-being. Emotional well-being. I didn’t think much about mine until this therapist. I have worked very hard this year to eliminate all and I mean all that hasn’t been for my good. And I did it this year. How am I doing? I on my way 2 healing.

Until next time,

Find a reason to challenge what’s making you unhappy. Take your advice and leave it for good. You’ll feel better.

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