Weathering the storms

Some days I wake up and think, “This again?” And God answers, “Yes, you’ve got this.” I sigh and make my way out of bed. Today, was that day. I had slept until 11 am because my youngest grandson sleeps between my bed and his mom’s. Our rooms are where mine is the last room and his mom’s is on the right side of mine, so it’s easy for him to go from room to room. We were up late with him last night.

Anyway, I am learning to think positively about my journey. As I do this one step, I add others to it. I’ve started gathering positive quotes and pictures about PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety. By doing this, I feel I can share with others the light that’s at the end of the tunnel, the bridge for you to cross, the road to take at the crossroad. Like the quote says, you have been through rough times before. You are only getting stronger. I will add this, the wind ruffles the leaves for a moment and then it settles down. You may have to move the leaves to find your path, but it’s always been there.

Until next time,

Stay the course. You are getting there.

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