Be Yourself?

It’s hard enough to live with the indifference of others, let alone how you feel about yourself. I will say that hiding behind a disguise can become somewhat confusing!

I always wanted to be what others perceived me to be. I did that for so many years, it became hard for me to distinguish who I really was!

Life has a way of telling you when you’ve made a mistake or when you’re going down the wrong path. As I’ve said before, there was a time when I didn’t know who I was, really. I didn’t like the person I was born as and I was beginning to dislike the person I pretended to be. Soon enough, I decided to come clean to myself. When I did, I discovered so many parts of me I had hidden back on an old dusty shelf on the inside.

There were several parts I could choose from to show off. There were parts that I didn’t like, but I could put those on display too. They all blended together to make up me. A wonderful person I began to see!

I learned along the way that it was okay not to be successful in one area. I could put it back on the shelf and choose another area to work on. I also learned the person I thought I was pretending to be, was really the strong creative side of me. I realized that I had worked very hard to make those talents shine; forgetting the insignificant ones made the others sparkle. I’m learning now how to use all my talents(loved or unloved) to complete who I am!

So what if someone notices a less important talent, so what if they notice a flaw. They all belong to me and they make up who I have to offer to the world!

Until next time,

Let your light shine from without and within!

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