Get Rid of it!!!

I no longer want to feel like I don’t exist. Like the world doesn’t need what I have to contribute and offer. So, I haven’t written down my goals for this year yet.

I had a panic attack earlier this morning. I had a very uncomfortable dream that triggered the attack. I’m fine but drained. So, in order to stay in the present, I am here writing about it.

Writing is a distraction and a comfort zone for me. I don’t like talking to people about myself. I feel like I sound stupid. If that makes since to you. Writing is a way I can express myself without being judged by someone I may know.

In all honesty, one of my fears is people. I am afraid of being judged by them. I’m afraid that I may not fit in socially. I’m afraid of being hurt by people. I only socialize because I have to and it pertaining to work. Yes, getting rid of social anxiety is a part of my goal. I am more than willing to put this one on my goal list. It’s gonna take a lot of work. Starting with me feeling comfortable around more than 2 people at a time.

This is my year of getting rid of what’s holding me back mentally and socially. What about you?

One thought on “Get Rid of it!!!

  1. I write for the same reason too. It’s a space where I can sort through my feelings and express how I really feel without feeling judged by someone I know.

    I guess it’s my way of telling a story that otherwise would go untold. Ya know?

    Sorry to hear about your panic attack. Sending you virtual hugs 🙂


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