The “Son”Shines in the rain!

The Lord and the sun shines through and inspite of the rain that tries to fall on me. For instance, yesterday was my perpetrator’s birthday. I would have easily forgotten that day along with every significant thing we did together in the name of love, but three reasons stopped me. Our children. I happen to live with our oldest child.

Every year they boast of their love and how much he is missed from their lives. I could have let the mental rant I was going through come out verbally, but I decided, as I always have, to let them have their moment.

Usually I would walk away with tears in my eyes remembering the trauma he’s put me through and the years of raising them alone. But this time through determination and grit, I held on to the words of Christ, “Forgive those who trespassed against thee.” I am proud of myself! I didn’t let negativity cloud my thoughts! I took into consideration how the kids may have felt and left it there.

Until next time,

It may rain, but not on my day!

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