I Can Only Imagine!

I haven’t written in awhile due to a Vertigo attack. I’m feeling a little better thank you.

I want to talk about my last therapy visit. I have to say it was one of the most important visits I had. I hadn’t really told my therapist the complete story. I couldn’t remember all of the story and as for my son, we have never spoken of the incident.

My son called me a few weeks back to discuss somethings that were bothering him. After we got the situation resolved, I decided that would be the perfect time to ask him how’s he been handling his life since the incident. His next words shocked me. He told me his was fine, never thought of the incident although he remembered that day as if it happened yesterday.

I couldn’t believe it! He did tell me somethings I didn’t remember. I was relieved. For 23 years, I worried about him. I was concerned about his mentality and ability to make it in life. He seems to be doing better than I imagined. For that, I am grateful.

Now, I can continue to work on myself. How to let God heal my heart and soul. I feel blessed to have the therapist I have helping me. I’m starting to see changes in myself. I’m starting to understand I will never be the person I was 23 years ago. That person needs my help to heal from the injustices that were done to her and her children.

Definition of imagine

transitive verb

1: to form a mental image of (something not present)imagine accidents at every turn

2: SUPPOSE, GUESSI imagine it will rain

3: to form a notion of without sufficient basis : FANCYimagines himself to be a charming conversationalist

4archaic : PLAN, SCHEME

1: to use the imagination

So, in this moment, I imagine myself as a total person with positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Until next time,

Fix your eyes on the prize. Let nothing deter you from you goal.

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