Anxiety cutting is more than skin

I cut my hair a week ago convincing myself it was time for a major cut. My then shoulder-length hair has now become the picture below. Actually, I cut my hair because I had become anxious about my looks.

Anxiety causes you to do things you feel you have complete control over. For instance, today I wanted to cut my hair again. I feel that no one likes this style, so perhaps cut again. Now, we all know this thought has little logic to it or does it? Does it matter what others really think about me or is this one of those reoccurring racing thoughts I need to address?

Yes, it does matter and yes I do need to get to the root of this thought. I’ve never thought about cutting my skin for relief but I have constantly cut and plucked my hair. I have never told my therapist this because I was embarrassed and ashamed.

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