Should I stay or Should I go…

From my Pinterest page

I thought to myself, “It will be good if you join a group for mental health.You may even find a friend.” So, I did. I joined 2, a PTSD one and a Mental Health one.

Now, I wish I never did. Reading the post and visualizing what these people are experiencing, triggered a bunch of jumbled up thoughts. I haven’t been able to untangle them yet. I feel like I haven’t made as much progress as I thought by leaving therapy in March.

Anxiety has been very high these last couple of days. I have 2 medications to take. They are BuSpar and Hydroxyzine. Even with these 2, my safeguard is tapping my right leg or twirling my hair in one spot.

I’m trying to decide if the groups are triggering me and if they are, should I find out what’s happening and why? Should I stay or go?

Until next time,

I refuse to go back to where I’ve already been.

3 thoughts on “Should I stay or Should I go…

  1. Remember if we take action and start our healing journey it is going to upset our trauma.

    Your triggers firing can become an opportunity for healing.

    So in a way, our triggers need to fire if we are going to heal

    Our triggers do not disappear, we learn to stay present during one, so it loses power.

    Give gratitude for the courage you showed joining the groups.

    You are healing and taking back control of your life

    There is going to be strong resistance

    Please keep going, your getting better

    It is very subtle at first

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      1. Me too, when it happened to me. I thought I was making things worse but trauma always exited my body violently like it was mad

        Give yourself so much praise and gratitude for risking

        Your healing


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