How Do I Deal with Anxiety?

I have been in therapy on and off for 20 years. You’ve heard me say this before. It wasn’t until I recently started seeing a therapist who told me I had chronic PTSD, did I learn a great deal about coping strategies. I want to share my favorite with you. I have never been able to keep friendships or be around people for extended periods of time. Somehow, I would begin to feel like I was being talked about, didn’t fit in, or some other false thought. The thought would torment me until I would sabotage the relationship in order not to be hurt.

During this therapy, I learned how to deal with thoughts and determine what to do about them. I also learned how to calm myself (grounding) when I began to feel anxious. I already journaled. But sometimes that can be boring. So, I found several things I received joy from as a child helped me to calm down.

Here are a few: Adult coloring, puzzles and dot to dot. These completely take my focus off the negative. Some people have said to me “that’s childish”, but I thank God for the adults who still are.

Until next time,

My body may grow old, but my mind never will!

5 thoughts on “How Do I Deal with Anxiety?

  1. So finally you found a competent therapist and an accurate diagnosis

    Hard to fix the unknown

    Well you have found the cause now you can improve

    Give yourself gratitude for not giving up

    Healing will be much more rewarding for you

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    1. You sound like the therapist! He’s an Irishman. He made me work for what I wanted the last 2 years. In March, I knew it was time to go out on my own. I didn’t want him to see me cry, so I left a message(I’m not good with people at all). Seems like I see and hear him everywhere.


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