About Yesterday

I completed the lab work from the appointment on Wednesday. I had to practically beg the assistant to refer me to a Podiatrist and an ENT for the issues I have been enduring. I got it done. Now I will have to wait for the call to schedule an appointment. Tiring.

I spent most of the day with one of my daughters. It was fun. I made it through the fatigue.

In my thoughts, I travel to places I can no longer go. Right now, I’m riding my bike on that winding road in my home town. Being alone with nature feels good as a cool breeze hits my face. The sun is going down, so I stop to take a picture. Got it. Perfect. Smiling to myself, I take a sip of water and mount back up for the homeward stretch.

I’m grateful for some of the memories I have. It is times like this when I need them most.

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