PTSD is a very peculiar disorder. Some days you wake up and you feel like you can conqueror the world and the things that are troubling to you. Some days you’ll wake up and you’re drifting backwards towards that incident.

Everything in your life is effected by PTSD. Smells in the air, changing of the seasons, certain people you see, and places you go can cause a set back. That’s if you let it.

Things you used to enjoy and get pleasure from become byproducts of the past. You distance yourself from friends and family because of harbored thoughts of awkward behaviors in their presence. Feelings of “eyes on me” linger in the air.

Trust? Who? When you don’t trust yourself. At some point, healing becomes your focus. You look at it as a journey and no longer a task you must complete. You need to discover yourself. Atleast the person you are now becoming.

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